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How is it to be born without wings, which nature forgot to give us, and yet feel their absence? The pain is unbearable, and existence itself becomes a constant, phantom-painful yearning.

My photo series ti tled ‘Birdy’ is an arti sti c journey inspired by the novella by William Wharton. The narrati ve of my series focuses on the ongoing search for identi ty and acceptance in a society where diff erences are oft en overlooked or misinterpreted.

Similar to Wharton’s protagonist, who longed to be a bird, my character dreams of the freedom to be oneself despite being born without wings. This symbolic narrati ve serves as a metaphor for all those who feel diff erent in society, which someti mes erects t oo many barriers against individuality. The portrayal of an LGBTQ person adorned with feathers adds another layer, highlighti ng the beauty of diversity, which can simultaneously be a source of challenges. I aim for my photographs to not only refl ect Wharto n’s themes but also emphasize the importance of acceptance, empathy, and openness to diversity, essenti al elements in his literary works.

My intenti on is not only to draw att enti on to diff erences but also to persuade people to recognize the beauty of individuality, to accept it unconditi onally, and to refrain from judgment. Wharton’s books taught us that true freedom someti mes lies in accepting oneself, regardless of whether we have wings or not. I hope that viewers will refl ect on their own approach to diversity and begin to perceive another person as they are, regardless of societal norms.

Kamila J Gruss
01/5/2023 Słupsk