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“Helplessness” takes us on a profound journey through the labyrinth of emoti ons triggered by depression. Each frame captures a female fi gure carrying heavy, lifeless limbs instead of her own. This cycle is a personal projecti on of the emoti onal state at a given moment, captured through the lens and frozen on the models.

The enti re tableau unfolds as a delicate dance, emanati ng a paradoxical beauty from the eff ort against the inerti a of despair. The mannequin hands, unyielding and stoic, become a poignant metaphor for the overwhelming grip of helplessness. Women, in their distorted movements, refl ect the twists of my own internal batt les.

Through this visual narrati ve, I aim to externalize the internal, to translate the inexpressible into the language of imagery. The process of creati ng these images becomes a therapeutic act for me, a means of grappling with the elusive and giving form to the formless. Each photograph is a fragment of my personal struggle, an att empt to express the complexity of living with depression.

“Helplessness” is also an invitati on to bear witness to silent struggles that oft en go unnoti ced. It is a bridge between the personal and the universal, a visual dialogue that transcends the limits of words. By sharing these images, I hope to evoke empathy and understanding for the silent batt les fought in solitude by so many.

Kamila J Gruss
Słupsk 25/10/2023