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In my picture, only the lower part of a woman’s body is depicted, dressed in red ti ghts and matching shoes. The surroundings are lush and green. The ti tle “Misericordia” refers to high heels resembling daggers and tells a story about the power of female authority over men and the consequences of manipulati on and sexual abuse.

The color red has always symbolized passion, love, strength, and risk. The red blades not only serve as a wardrobe element but also symbolize power and control. They convey the intensity of emoti ons and the strength that a woman can exert over a man. This reference to red introduces drama and passion, merging with the narrati ve of manipulati on and the consequences of sexual exploitation.

The greenery of the bushes and the environment in the painti ng carries deep symbolism. The green color is associated with nature, harmony, and a new beginning. This reference to the hidden side of female power, akin to nature, can be beauti ful and mysterious but also hides its dark aspects. Green reminds us of the secrets that may lie behind an apparently beauti ful facade.

The audience’s reacti ons were ambiguous. Some understood the message of the picture, noticing details and interpreting them in their own way. Others were outraged, deeming the image provocati ve and lacking in class. It is surprising how diff erently people can perceive the same image, illustrati ng how diverse society can interpret art.

The painti ng is like a lens through which we observe society. It is a social experiment through the prism of art, demonstrating how people can perceive the same image in diverse ways. It is an intriguing experience that prompts refl ecti on on what we truly see, feel, and carry within ourselves.

Kamila J Gruss
Słupsk 25/10/2023