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Reach for the peach

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In this minimalist frame, we see something more than just two litt le hands reaching for fruit. It’s like a moment of magic, where a child’s innocence intertwines with the desire for eternity. The inspirati on for this photo comes from the Chinese legend of Monkey King, Sun Wukong, who sought to grasp the peach of immortality.

These two ti ny hands, much like the small hands of Sun Wukong, reach for something special. The peach, full of colors and fl avors, becomes a symbol of life, joy, and the beauty found in moments we hold in our hands. The tale of litt le hands and fruits symb olizes our longing for beauty, joy, and the infi nity of life that we grasp in our palms, even if only for a fl eeti ng moment.

This photo is not just a snapshot from my son’s life; it’s a vision that connects our everyday reality with myths and dreams. By grasping with our own hands, we reach for joy, reach for life, believing that these moments of magic are ours to share, much like the embrace of litt le Sun Wukong, yearning for eternity. In the minimalist world of this frame lies a deep convicti on that even the ti niest moments can last forever if we view them with love and att ention.

Kamila J Gruss
Słupsk 05/08/2018