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This is a tale of our symbiosis with nature, of how the human body, steeped in history and life, can weave itself into space, a unique home. Shapes and textures reveal subtle similariti es to the bark of a tree, which protects and sustains its interior. The skin becomes a canvas on which nature paints its beauty, creati ng surprising and inspiring resemblances.

The bare feet’s toes seem like branching roots, reaching deep into the earth in search of understanding and connecti on with nature. Hands, like tree branches, spread out into the surrounding world, gently touching and coexisti ng with the environment.

We discover that human bodies are not only a part of nature but also a manifestati on of its beauty. It is a reminder that our symbiosis with nature is deep and inseparable, and that our bodies, like roots and branches, form invisible bonds that connect us to the magnifi cent world that surrounds us.

Kamila J Gruss
Słupsk 25/10/2023