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The Beginning of You

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Imagine having the chance to delve into the mysteries of the human womb, observing the mysti cal journey of unfolding life. It’s as if you have a lens tracking the process of creati ng a new microcosm inside the body, where the mother’s soul is intertwined with the pulsati on of a new universe.

At the very beginning, you see a litt le bean symbolizing the essence of life—a small foundati on of an inti mate symphony. Gradually, with the development of the fetus, the melody of life comes together, revealing its human form. This moment resembles a cosmic odyssey where alien explorers tread upon our planet for the fi rst ti me, entering the magical garden of Earth.

Shades of red and orange paint the maternal scenery, where the woman’s body transforms into a temple of life. These warm tones convey the raw feelings of comfort, warmth, and the love surrounding the developing life. The gold in the amnioti c sac is the melody of abundance, wisdom, and hidden potenti al—a joyful verse about birth.

This project tells the story of a conscious choice, akin to sculpture, where the mother, full of joy and hope, shapes the future. The protagonists are my children, each of them a note in a composed ballad of life. In this dance, the awareness of motherhood emerges as freedom, unburdened by compulsion, enveloped in healthcare, where safety becomes a full chalice of joy. It’s a tale about each one of us, about them, about me, about you, and about all of us.

Birth is not just a common event; it’s a mysti cal journey where the woman, like a musical arti st, paints colorful chords on the canvas of life. It’s a story of the miracle of birth, a conscious decision full of love, and a dance where each step is the poetry of unfolding life.

Kamila J Gruss
Słupsk 01/10/2023