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The portrait ti tled ‘ALICE’ pays homage to the unique aestheti cs and sensiti vity of Lolita Łempicka. Drawing inspirati on from her portraits, I created an image that visually references her disti ncti ve works while exploring my own narrati ve. Similar to Łemp icka’s creati ons, ‘ALICE’ invites the viewer into a subtle world of emoti ons and inti macy. By employing similar compositi onal elements and style, I aim to pay tribute to the mastery of the arti st, simultaneously bringing a new dimension and interpretation.
This portrait is an att empt to capture both the delicacy and strength inherent in Łempicka’s work. I endeavored to convey not only the external beauty of the model but also the internal strength that radiates from every gaze. This photograph serves as my arti sti c dialogue with Łempicka’s legacy, a conti nuati on of inspirati on that transcends the boundaries of ti me and space.
‘ALICE’ is not just a portrait; it is a narrati ve about femininity, strength, and beauty that are ti meless and universal.

Kamila J Gruss
Słupsk 25/10/2021