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Childhood 2017-2020

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The series of photographs captured between 2017 and 2020 is not just a documentary but also a journey through the childhood world of two beloved elves and my own memories. Iembarked on an adventure with the camera, aiming to immortalize the growth of my children,and thus, frames were created that consti tute a blend of reality and imagination.

In these pictures, I strive to capture the magical world of childhood, where reality intertwines with fantasy. It’s a place where creatures from under the bed come to life, and shadows become wonderful playmates. I aspire to touch both the magic and reality that can be both frightening and enchanti ng in a child’s imagination.

My photographs not only document the development of the litt le ones but also transport the viewer into a realm of nostalgia and memories from my own childhood. I want each picture to be not just an image but a narrati ve that connects the past with the present, and imagination with reality.

Kamila J Gruss
10/12/2023 Słupsk