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Daughters of Eve

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This artwork, at fi rst glance, exudes sensuality, maintaining the inti mate atmosphere of a boudoir. However, as I delve deeper into the details, my att enti on is capti vated by the blue string between my thighs. This unassuming element, instead of accentuating my att racti veness, radically alters the tone, blurring the lines between my sensuality and the raw truth of corporeality.

The string, though subtle, becomes an absolute tool for abruptly stripping me of my sexuality. Transiti oning from the vision of my lush beauty to an element of defiance, I strive to defy the expectati ons of this genre of photography. It’s like the contrasting metallic taste of cherries on a delicate cake, evoking unexpected feelings and prompting refl ecti on.

In a historical context, this painting references the ancient celebration of menstruati on as a gift , a moment that united women in mysterious rites. Unfortunately, the passage of ti me and patriarchal – social structures tainted this primal magic, transforming my natural cycle into a taboo. Today, in European culture, menstruati on remains shrouded in shame, reinforced by adverti sements portraying it as something to be hidden.

This painti ng not only boldly addresses the topic of my corporeality but also encourages refl ecti on on the historical burden and contemporary taboo associated with menstruati on. It is a refi ned work of art that not only captures my gaze but also raises questi ons about our societal beliefs and gender constructi ons.

Kamila J Gruss
01/5/2022 Słupsk