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Distortion of life

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“Distorti on of life” is an immersion into the complexity of the human psyche, refl ected in a diptych that portrays various faces of one individual. The boundaries between them blur and overfl ow, creati ng a fl uid duality.

By looking into the depth of the image, we uncover another world. The second face seamlessly penetrates the fi rst, symbolizing the challenges of identi fying a singular, cohesive identi ty. Each face becomes a layer of personality, merging into another with elusive ease.

The compositi onal blends and blurs emphasize the diffi culty of separati ng one face from another, much like individuals with borderline personality disorder may struggle to maintain a clear identi ty. “Distorti on of life” invites immersion in the invisible boundary between the external and internal worlds, where one face can transform into another, and duality becomes an inevitable reality.

Kamila J Gruss
28/11/2020 Słupsk